The UAE’s Little Alonso

1507090_1378349472430707_1287625716_n-001In 2011, at the age of three, Rashid made his first visit to the Ferrari pit box during the Abu Dhabi Formula One Grand Prix. He was enthusiastically standing in front of the Ferrari box for hours, excited about the work going on, the sound of the engines and the pit stop practices. This passion has been noticed by the Ferrari team and they took Rashid inside their box. From that moment on Rashid knew what his future should be like.

Rashid Al Dhaheri

Birth Date
08. 04. 2008

Birth Place
Abu Dhabi

United Arab Emirates

American Academy

Career Goal
Formula 1 race driver

Little Alonso

Role Model
Fernando Alonso

English, Arabic, German

Karting, skiing, biking,
swimming, football, 

Rashid Al Dhaheri


Rashid’s first karting experience took place in January 2013. During the following summer he undertook an intensive training program in Italy, leading to his first race participation taking place on 4 October at the Al Ain Raceway, at the opening round of the 2013-14 UAE Rotax Max Challenge Series.

If motor sport is to grow and flourish in the UAE we need to have our own local champions. For that to happen we must support young Emiratis and give them all the support they need to be successful.

The way forward: By sponsoring Rashid, companies will be playing an active role in helping to develop a talented and hugely dedicated young UAE national who clearly has great potential. Being associated with such a young role model and an individual who will be raising the flag for the UAE across the world can only bring positive benefits and exposure to any company.